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How to rest comfortably after facelift surgery

iStock 691068988 Everyone dreads the idea of growing older, but it is a privilege that not everyone gets. Even so, the changes that can occur to the skin on the face can leave many men and women discouraged about losing their youthful appearance. At Jessica Belz, MD Plastic Surgery in San Antonio, TX, patients are encouraged to ask about the facelift procedure, which can eliminate sagging skin and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. While this sounds great, many patients are worried about the healing and recovery process. Dr. Jessica Belz is a committed plastic surgeon who can assist with making these changes while also helping patients understand the best way to reduce the risk of complications such as infection and scarring. 

Another concern during the healing process is how to care for the facial area to reduce these complications. This includes finding the right way to sleep. Many patients will have questions about the best way to sleep to ensure they are not only comfortable, but reducing possible complications. Below are a few recommendations that might be made by Dr. Jessica Belz and her team: 

  • Avoid sleeping on your side or stomach following facelift surgery.
  • Rest on your bad with your head slightly elevated.
  • Practice sleeping on your back before the procedure to get used to this position if you’re not used to it.
  • Consider sleeping on a recliner, which can provide the right elevation of the head during sleep.
  • Utilize pillows to prop the upper body up after surgery.
  • Manage swelling, bruising, and discomfort with medications, ice packs, and other recommendations from the doctor.

Are you interested in learning more about healing and comfort following facelift surgery? 

Our doctor is here to help patients in the San Antonio, TX area achieve rejuvenation of the facial area due to the natural process of aging. If you are interested in talking with Dr. Jessica Belz and her team about your options when it comes to facial surgeries, it is time to speak with her about the facelift procedure and recovery. Call (210) 497-7100 to request a consultation appointment at her office, conveniently located at 207 West Sunset Road.   

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