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KYBELLA®  is a unique product designed to improve the appearance and profile of the area below the chin.  The active ingredient in KYBELLA® is synthetic deoxycholic acid, which helps to permanently destroy excess fat below the chin, also known as submental fat.  This may improve the appearance of a “double chin” and reduce excess fullness under the chin.

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Would I Be a Good Candidate for Kybella?

Whether you live in San Antonio or Timbuktu — most of us have some degree of a double chin, so most of us could use a little Kybella®. But there is one exception. For some people, their double chin isn’t due to fat accumulating under their chin; it’s due to serious sagging in their skin in this area. When skin is the issue and not fat accumulation, a surgical neck lift or facelift would remove that extra loose skin.

How Does Kybella Shrink My Double Chin?

Want to feel better about your droopy profile? Call it “submental fullness.” That’s the clinical term for a double chin. The main culprit behind most people’s double chins is the accumulation of fat under the chin. It pushes down on the skin, making the profile lose definition.

In the body, we naturally produce a substance called deoxycholic acid. Its sole job is to help the body break down and absorb dietary fat. So, when you have a hot dog at a Spurs’ game, deoxycholic acid helps break down the fat.

You may see where this is heading. Kybella® is made, basically, of deoxycholic acid, and to deoxycholic acid fat is fat, whether it’s ingested at dinner or has accumulated under your chin for years. When Dr. Belz injects Kybella® into the skin under your chin it gets down to business finding and breaking down any fat it encounters. The body then flushes the broken-down fat cells from the body over the next few weeks. With these fat cells gone, your body no longer has the capability to store fat under your chin, so your profile slims back to what it looked like it your younger days.

How Does Dr. Belz Administer Kybella?

Doctors need specific training to administer Kybella®. Dr. Belz has had that training. During your treatment, she injects Kybella® with a very tiny needle into numerous locations under the chin. Each session takes just 15-20 minutes, and patients report that they feel little more than a slight pinprick with each injection.

What People Say About Us!

Dr. Belz and her staff are amazing and I cannot recommend them enough! Dr. Belz was kind, thorough, personable and highly professional. She addressed all of my concerns before and after my procedure. Her staff was helpful, friendly and very responsive -they always make me feel comfortable and welcome. I am so thankful to them and had wonderful results for an issue I've had since I was young. I wish I had gone to her years ago!

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How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The FDA has set the maximum number of Kybella® treatments at six. But how you respond to Kybella® is unique to you. Dr. Belz has found that, on average, most patients are satisfied after three treatments. Other patients opt for all six. It really depends on how much fat has accumulated under your chin.

The time between treatments is supposed to be four weeks, as this allows Kybella® to fully do its thing before having the next set of injections. We believe five to six weeks apart is a better degree of spacing. This allows your results from the previous injection session to fully show themselves before deciding to go ahead with another round.

What Are the Possible Side Effects with Kybella?

The potential side effects with Kybella® are like those with dermal fillers. All side effects have proven very rare, however. They include nerve injury in the jaw that can create an uneven smile, trouble swallowing, and some weakness in the surrounding facial muscles. In clinical studies with 1600 patients, these side effects were not long-term, but they did not resolve immediately.

Swelling is common, although not really a side effect. As Kybella® attacks the fat cells, it creates swelling in the area, especially after the first Kybella® treatment. There will also be some slight bruising. This will start to resolve itself after around three days for most patients.

These are the common side effects after treatment:

  • Numbness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Residual pain
  • Areas of hardness in the treatment area

How Long Will My Results Last with Kybella?

The fat that Kybella® breaks down is gone for good. Once the fat is gone, there is a reduced ability to store fat in the area in the future. This is what tightens your profile. Your skin can still sag some with age, but your new slimmer profile is yours for the long haul.

How Soon After My Injections Will I See My Results?

You will have some swelling after your Kybella® injections. The more fat you have, the more swelling you will likely have, as this is a sign of the deoxycholic acid beginning to react with the fat. Your results will take some time to show, as the fat needs to be broken down and removed by the body. You will really notice changes in from 4-6 weeks after your treatment. From there, your results continue to improve. Your results will build with repeated treatments.

How Much Does Kybella Usually Cost?

As with most injectables, Kybella® is priced by the vial. That means the cost depends upon how much Kybella® Dr. Belz feels is needed during your session. If you have less fat, you’ll need less of the product.

There is also the variability of how many sessions (remember, there is a maximum of six approved by the FDA) you want to have. Again, once Dr. Belz is familiar with your situation, she can give you a good idea of what she expects Kybella® will cost you.

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