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Facial aging isn't something you can completely avoid, but it is something that you can manage. With early and consistent intervention, it's possible to slow your aging process so you can look like your most rested, energetic self for a longer period of time. Here in our San Antonio office, we can achieve profound results using proven non-surgical methods, and we're incredibly proud of this ability!

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Who is an Ideal Candidate for Nonsurgical Facial Treatments?

Like plastic surgery, adults of all ages can benefit from the various nonsurgical treatments that are available today. To be a good candidate, you simply need to be in good general health and understand what your chosen treatment can accomplish. The nonsurgical facial treatments that we offer do not compare to plastic surgery. They can, however, achieve very satisfying results like smoothing lines and wrinkles, making the eyes appear more open, and making the face look younger and friendlier. At the time of your treatment, you should not have an active skin infection or acne outbreak in the direct treatment area. Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation using injectables is also not approved for women who are pregnant or nursing.

How Do I Know Which Facial Rejuvenation Treatment is Right for Me?

If you're thinking of scheduling a visit with an anti-aging specialist, all you need to know is what you would like to improve upon. We figure out the rest together during your consultation! During this visit, our first focus is on your input. You'll talk to your provider about your concerns, right down to the ultra-fine lines around your mouth or the softening of your jawline. Aging doesn't affect just one area of the face or body, so we expect that you may discuss broader cosmetic complaints. You might have what seems like a vague complaint like "I look tired all the time." When you consult with an experienced specialist who is familiar with the various nonsurgical treatment options they provide, you can benefit from their knowledge.

Here, we can take in a simple explanation of concern and turn that into a detailed outline that guides our treatment recommendations. For example, your provider may notice that you've got puffiness under your eyes or that your upper eyelids are heavy and hooded. These detailed characteristics of your appearance could be what is making you "look tired all the time." Determining which facial rejuvenation treatment is best for you isn't difficult. It's a fun process that we go through together!

Should I Choose a Nonsurgical Facial Treatment over a Surgical Option?

Only you can determine whether you would be happier with surgical results or nonsurgical results. Our role is to help you understand what our non-operative treatments can achieve. That said, some of the reasons people choose treatments like Botox®, dermal fillers, and medical-grade skincare are that they prefer to address the signs of aging without incisions, anesthesia, and downtime. These rejuvenating services can accomplish quite a lot with few side effects to speak of, so you don't have to schedule time off work or away from social engagements. In some cases, you can see the improvements immediately, adding a bit of instant gratification to a longer list of benefits.

How Long Will it Take to See Results After My Treatment?

The rate at which your results appear after your minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment will depend on the product or technique you select. For example, dermal fillers achieve immediate results. A neuromodulator like Botox® begins to work immediately but its action takes longer to translate into visible results. In the case of Botox wrinkle-reduction or brow lift treatment, you can expect your results to appear over five to seven days. Most nonsurgical facial rejuvenation services achieve excellent results with just one treatment. Kybella®, on the other hand, may require multiple visits. This injectable, made to destroy unwanted fat cells under the chin, works

How Long Will My Results Last?

The results of most injectable treatments are temporary. Botox acts on the targeted muscles for three to four months, at which time you may want a touch-up treatment. Dermal fillers can last from 12 to 24 months. This depends on your body's natural metabolism of the selected product as well as the consistency of the product itself. For example, JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC  is more structural and can last about two years. Fillers with lighter weight or smaller particles tend to degrade more quickly. When we sit with you to discuss your goals and treatment options, we can explain the characteristics of our recommended products, including their expected lifespan. Here again, Kybella is different. This injectable destroys fat cells by breaking them down for the body to flush naturally. The cellular debris that is picked up by the lymphatic system is naturally processed. These cells do not come back. Therefore, we expect the results of Kybella treatment to last for many years, if not indefinitely.

Are there any Side Effects After Nonsurgical Facial Treatments?

Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation using injectable products can produce minor side effects. These are so subtle that you can expect to feel confident returning to most of your normal activities right after your appointment. You may experience subtle redness and swelling. There is also a chance that bruising may occur around the treatment sites. You can reduce this risk by avoiding medications, supplements, and products that thin the blood, including alcohol, for 24 to 48 hours prior to your appointment.

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