Improve Your Physique with Male Breast Reduction Procedures

Men in San Antonio, TX who have enlarged or overdeveloped breast tissue may feel self-conscious about their appearance. It can happen to any man, regardless of their weight. At the practice of Dr. Jessica Belz, patients in and around the community who have been unhappy with their breasts have spoken with her to discuss surgical interventions.

What is male breast reduction?

Also known as gynecomastia, the removal of excess breast tissue in men is a common procedure. This treatment is effective in reducing the size of the breasts and improving one’s self-confidence. Men who have this procedure done are able to participate in activities they may have avoided in the past due to embarrassment.

Male gynecomastia starts with a diagnosis. This diagnosis is done during an examination with Dr. Jessica Belz. Blood tests and a physical examination are often performed. It is important that patients understand that enlarged breasts from obesity and those from gynecomastia differ. Gynecomastia is a combination of both excess fat and glandular tissues in the breast area. Patients who are dealing with enlarged breasts due to weight gain may be better suited for procedures such as liposuction to contour their chest.

The procedure itself starts with administration of anesthesia to get the patient comfortable for their procedure. The doctor will make an incision that runs horizontally along the bottom of the breast or the areola. Fat is removed with liposuction, and the doctor will manually excise tissue and skin to smooth the chest contours. The incision is then closed with stitches.

Gynecomastia recovery

Men who have had this procedure complete will need to take some time off of work to heal properly, typically a week or two. This is because there may be drainage tubes and discomfort during this time. Patients who experience pain during the healing process can take over-the-counter pain medications to manage. Bruising and swelling is also common but will go away with time as the body recovers.

Are you a male interested in breast reduction in the San Antonio, TX area?

Dr. Jessica Belz can help! Call her practice at (210)497-7100 and take the time to learn about this and other plastic surgery solutions for both men and women. Her practice is located at 255 E. Sonterra Boulevard, Suite 201.

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