How Can I Sleep Comfortably After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic elective procedures performed by plastic surgeons across the United States. Dr. Jessica Belz of San Antonio, TX, is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and works alongside her patients to help them feel confident in their own bodies. By placing breast implants, women can increase the volume, shape, and size of their chests. However, many women who are about to undergo breast augmentation procedures may have questions about the recovery process, including the best way to sleep comfortably following their surgery.

What Can I Expect During the Recovery and Healing Period After My Breast Augmentation?

If you have an upcoming breast augmentation procedure, it is vital that you connect with your board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jessica Belz, to discuss the recovery process. After your procedure, you will likely experience some swelling and bruising, which may last up to several weeks. You should also expect constricted movement in your chest and arms during this time as well. Generally, you can return to work within a week of surgery, depending on the type of job you perform on a daily basis. You must carefully follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon to avoid complications, infection, or further injury.

What Is the Best Way to Sleep After Breast Augmentation?

During the recovery period after breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Jessica Belz will advise you to sleep on your back with multiple pillows propping up your upper body. This helps reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or sides, as this could cause complications with the healing process. We may encourage you to wear a supportive bra while sleeping. This helps to keep the implants in place during their recovery period and prevents them from shifting out of alignment.

Learn More About the Healing Process After Breast Augmentation

Following the above tips carefully can ensure that your breast augmentation procedure is successful and that you experience minimal discomfort during the recovery process. If you have any additional questions, contact Dr. Jessica Belz by calling 210-497-7100 to request an appointment at her San Antonio, TX, area practice.

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