Considering ear pinning surgery?

ear surgery The otoplasty procedure, also referred to as “ear pinning,” is a specific type of ear surgery that is performed to address the position, size, and shape of the ears. This is done specifically for aesthetic purposes. Ear pinning specifically is done for patients whose ears may project dramatically from their head, causing them to have the appearance of large or obtrusive ears. Men and women find that this can cause them embarrassment and make them feel self-conscious about their appearance. With the help of Dr. Jessica Belz and her team in San Antonio, TX, patients can pin the ears back closer to the head for a less obvious appearance.

Why might I consider ear pinning?

Most patients who come into the practice of Dr. Jessica Belz inquiring about ear pinning have often had a lifetime of embarrassment or shame because of the position of their ears. While some women can hide their prominent ears with their hair, it can still cause them to feel self-conscious whenever they wear a ponytail or put their hair up. Patients who are unhappy with the protrusion or even the size and shape of their ear may want to ask about otoplasty procedures that can be performed to restore confidence.

How much does ear pinning surgery cost?

The cost varies from patient to patient due to many different circumstances and factors. This is why Dr. Jessica Belz strongly encourages patients to come into the office for an initial consultation and determine if they are a good candidate. The doctor will work with the patient in finding the best possible solution before discussing the expected costs. Many patients ask if their health insurance plan will provide partial or full coverage for the procedure, but this is not the case as ear pinning is not a medical procedure but an elective, cosmetic one that doesn’t fall under the benefits of any health insurance plan.

Thinking about plastic surgery?

Speaking with Dr. Jessica Belz is the first step in the right direction! San Antonio, TX area patients who are interested in ear pinning surgery or other services available can call the office at (210)497-7100 to book their appointment at 207 West Sunset Road.

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